SEMINAR ON WINDOWS XP : Windows XP is the next version of Microsoft Windows beyond Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium. Windows XP brings the convergence of Windows operating systems by integrating the strengths of Windows 2000—standards-based security, manageability and reliability with the best features of Windows 98 and Windows Me—Plug and Play, easy-to-use user interface, and innovative support services to create the best Windows yet.
This paper provides a broad technical overview of what’s new in Windows XP. It shows how new technologies and features make it easier to get work done, share information, manage your desktop, stay productive while traveling with a mobile computer, obtain help and support, and perform many other computing tasks.
. Windows XP is based on an enhanced Windows 2000 code with different versions aimed at home users and business users: Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Unless otherwise indicated, this document discusses the technologies and features common to both versions of the operating system.

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