SEMINAR ON VOICE MORPHING : voice morphing, the passing of a voice signal another. As the morphing of images, speech morphing aims to preserve common characteristics of the signals the beginning and end, while produces a smooth transition between them. voice morphing is morphing of analog images. Figure morphing between All the images show one face smoothly changing its shape and consistency to the change the face of the subject. And 'this characteristic speech morph should possess. A speech signal should smoothly change to another regarded as common features signals the start and end, but smoothly changing the properties of others. The main properties concern about the speech signal is increasing and envelope information. These two residents in the form of convoluted speech signal. Therefore an effective method for the extraction of each These are required. We have adopted a direct approach namely cepstral analysis to do the same. Pitch and formant information each signal is extracted by cepstral approach. Necessary Treatment can be transformed into a speech signal methods, such as information about the discoloration of the Cross, Dynamic Time Warp meet the main signal (tone) and Re-estimation of signal convert the speech signal transformed back into the acoustic waveform.

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