SEMINAR ON SILC : Cat protocols are very popular on the internet. They been very popular since it first appeared on the record chat network. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the first chat protocols, and fast received a state is the most popular IM network. Today, the IRC is Several competitors of various other so-called instant messaging (IM) protocols such as ICQ. However, all these different IM protocols something in common: they are all insecure. Safety is important function in applications and protocols in the modern network environment. Senior IM protocols have not been able to meet the growing security Internet requirements. No longer enough to provide services such as instant messaging services. Now the services are safe and secure. The secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) is a new protocol generation of instant messaging protocol that offers a fully featured conferencing services, like any other protocol offers contemporary cat. In addition, provides security by encrypting and authenticating messages network. Security is the main objective of the protocol and SILC protocol was designed from day one safety in mind. All packages and Messages travel in the SILC network are always encrypted and approved. The network topology is also different, for example, IRC network. SILC network topology tries to be more powerful and IRC scalable. The basic objective is SILC protocol Ensure conference facilities. SILC protocol developed as open source project. The protocol specifications are freely available and they have been submitted to the IETF. The first
implementations of the protocol is already available.

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