SEMINAR ON ORBITING SATELLITES CARRYING AMATEUR RADIO : Space Age is barely half a century. During this period, a significant number of the money is being used in space flight technology, and the like. The investment has clearly begun to focus on the satellites of the Earth are the best example. To almost a decade, the largest international telecommunications were treated satellite. Satellites in orbit carrying amateur radio (OSCAR) number of small satellites has been began to experiment with amateur radio satellite tracking and participate in radio Propagation experiments. The World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC) frequencies allocated for satellite transmission of low power fans signals, the first battery and provide a short life, satellites have become increasingly sophisticated. Recently, he served in groups of school science if emergency communications for disaster, was chief technology protesters, and the images transmitted to Earth. Inventiveness, ingenuity and skill to Amateur Radio Association of the satellite community years have made a fascinating history. Ham must continue to dream of reliable, radio predictable, long-distance and long duration in various Frequency - HF to microwave. OSCAR each successive was more step towards achieving that dream. This document covers the basic facts OSCAR, monitoring, access and so on ... ... ..
Space Age was marked with the launch of Sputnik I, October 4, 1957. Oscar I, launched on December 12 1961.OSCAR-III, the first amateur satellite with a transponder was launched March 9, 1965. In almost 40 years since the launch of satellite fans first, the related technology has seen great progress, contribute to the exponential growth in popularity OSCAR operation.

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