SEMINAR ON MOBCOM : Electronic commerce continues to experience phenomenal growth, but most so far the development of electronic commerce involves the cable infrastructure. We believe that the new wireless and mobile networks offer new avenues for growth, creating new opportunities for mobile commerce.
dotcom companies can stay on the road, but the share of trade passing through the Web continues to grow. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers worldwide have access to new wireless data options, including web for mobile phones, PDAs and computers operated. Combine these facts and has an industry with great potential for trade or mobile call m-commerce.
Not convinced? How about this: A woman leans on a DVD player into a store and are ready to buy, but she is not sure whether the shop is to offer the best price. Using the micro-browser on his cell phone, she quickly finds your business online player sells 10 percent less, she buys from you for next day delivery.Or you can send a message to the subscriber in the palm of your hand for him to know that tickets have just gone on sale, one of his favorite artists, even before the subscriber that the singer is going to twn minutes / witnin, the customer selects best places in its price range and buy tickets for you.
If you're convinced or not, International Data Corp.. states that the value of $ 21billion mobile commerce will take place at 20,004, while Gartner Group predicts that 40 percent of B2C (business to consumer) e_commerce this year will be the same for wireless connections. Already, major players in electronic commerce, such as and Yahoo, offer mobile options.
Content and applications should continue to develop multiple mobile formats. Security issues continue to dog the industry. And emerging payment systems and networks, markup languages and devices has been to develop mobile commerce applications so complex that many organizations are getting the applications needed help. Fortunately, the PLA is available in the rapidly growing number of middleware solutions for mobile ASP (Application Service Provider).

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