SEMINAR ON TINTERNET CRYPTOGRAPHY : he Internet or the global Internet is the international network of computer networks connected to the addresses that are managed by the IANA (Internet address of the authority of names.) Has increased dramatically, because everyone can connect and you can connect one connected with others. Each site is linked, may become an Internet service provider to other sites. The characteristics that give vitality to the Internet also make it dangerous as the streets of a big city. People do not walk carelessly vital, full of the city. A prudent person approaches the Internet with caution.
The essential problem is that you can make any assumptions about the information you send, receive, via the Internet. The information sent to the routing master circumstances change before it reaches its destination. The information could be stolen and used for different targets, was never aware of what it should be. Information that may be completely false (or) simply through a change. If the data are important, so there is a real risk that someone bothers him, you will need protection. Therefore, data companies' that exceeds the public Internet can be forged, altered or stolen.
Cryptography has emerged as the only alternative to protect Internet data, and he did a good job. Modern encryption techniques have evolved from the secret codes of decades earlier, fantastic extended with deep knowledge of modern mathematics. Cryptographic technologies and new products were developed specifically for Internet applications.

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