SEMINAR ON INTEGRATION OF INFORMATION : buzzword today's "IT" has revolutionized every aspect of the present Today his career. automation sector is one of his greatest achievements. Automation can be defined as the technology involved in implementing mechanical, electronic and computer to operate and control production. automated manufacturing systems operating in the plant physical product. They perform operations such as processing, assembling, inspection and materials handling, in some cases, the creation of more than one these functions in the same system. They are known as automated operations in a reduced level of human intervention. Main advantage of automation is to increase labor productivity reduces labor costs. An automated system consists of three basic elements:
1. Capable of performing the process and make it work
2. A curriculum management processes and
3. A control system for instructions.
Here we discuss about the developments in the software, that controls the entire process of machine tools. Cardio machine tool is a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), which coordinates the show, PLC, drive system and feedback systems. This study focuses on data acquisition, programming management and remote diagnostic system.

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