Introduction: Lick an ice cream, snack on some chips, dig a little chocolate and at the same time to update your software from your chair. Who said dreams do not come true? The network has made our life so much easier to get the stores today, or even entire works of Shakespeare is not a big deal. Just log on and download the information requested. It's as simple as transferring data from one computer to another over a network. This is where the FTP step in its simplest form, FTP to send and receive files between computers. FTP or File Transfer Protocol, the coarsest level is a standard user, you can download files from the Internet.
The term suggests the standardization of the protocol. This is a set of rules defining a format. To put it somewhat differently, a network protocol describes how the computer systems communicate with each other at the unit level. This is what allows you to exchange files in the world. To make it clearer, let's say you have a friend and want to come to dinner. How are you doing this? You call and tell him to come to dinner! This method is very simple to use the word in the language. Language is the protocol that you and your friend understand. What if your friend is Hungarian? You may not have to find a dictionary and make sentences appropriate to understand that as a mission for dinner, do not ask permission to go ice skating! Since the Internet has a specific language for the transfer of files, it is easier for you to exchange information with others.
HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used by browsers to communicate with web servers. Web browser is a client server and Internet Web is a web server. HTTP is the ability to transfer web pages, graphics and all the means used in the web. Client (browser) makes a request to the server that provides the files (web pages) to it. FTP also follow the same architecture - and the FTP client connects to an FTP server and download or upload files to or from it.

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