SEMINAR ON DIGITAL CERTIFICATES : A digital certificate is responsible for the electronic identity card. It has two objectives: • 1 and the identity of the owner of the certificate holder •
2 to share public key certificates allow users to authenticate, authentication is followed third. Instead of requiring each participant to an application to authenticate each user, a third-party authentication based on the use of certificates, electronic identity cards.
The certificates issued by trusted parties called Certification Authorities (CA). These agents may be a commercial joint venture, or may be local communities, depending on the application requirements. Regardless, the CA is trusted enough to authenticate users before issuing certificates to them. Also, when the CA to issue certificates to digitally sign it. When a user with a certificate of validation of the certificate of the recipient using a digital signature. If the signature verification certificate, the certificate is known to be intact and authentic. The participants to the question is only to strengthen the certificates do not need to check the users. The fact that the user can present a valid certificate to show that the CA has authenticated the user. Keyword trusted third party system is based on the reliability of the CA.


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