SEMINAR ON CDROMS : mass storage devices has long established an important resource available electronically at all times. Compact disc-read only memory (CD-ROM) to begin a new era where the emphasis is likely to switch to magnetic storage media and optical technology. Re - writable media such as diskettes and magnetic tapes are known to almost all users of the technology. As well as removable and compact, the disc makes the vehicle to distribute programs and data.Often, non-removable hard drive supports random access of data. The tape is a convenient way to store large amounts of data, in which random access is not required as the backup data storage and transmission of data on the replication of business on CD-ROM. It is used for backing up hard drives, tape backup to provide a safety net in case of catastrophic system failure. Subsequent information recovery is simply reading the contents of the tape on the back of your hard drive.
Only be read by a digital storage medium (DSM), CD-ROM supports up to about 660 megabytes of storage capacity in a standard format. It offers many features, unprecedented current magnetic media, including a large storage capacity, compact design, reliability and durability.
Attributes such as these are ideal for the distribution of CD-ROM software, tutorials, maps, databases, reference materials, materials, multimedia and more.
The growing number of users of CD-ROM i mean less specialized publications and it is unreasonable to assume that low-cost books, magazines, newspapers appear in large numbers in the foreseeable future.

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