SEMINAR ON BROADBAND : Broadband is one of the means of communication or media. Broadband, multiple signals can travel in the media themselves, at the same time.
What exactly broadband?
communications companies or media, such as the child or cables are of two types: broadband and baseband. Banda base, where only one signal passes through the media at a time. Therefore, with broadband, multiple signals can travel in the same medium simultaneously. The classic example is the cable that carries several TV channels on your TV set.We define broadband as Internet access through traditional means (not dial-up telephone lines) with downstream speeds of minimum of 64 kbps. We say that a lower limit of 64 kbps modem over a telephone line can deliver up to 56 kbps downstream.).
When we talk about non-traditional media, we are talking about only two options currently on the Internet, cable and digital subscriber line (DSL).
when it comes to ADSL, we are talking about a number of technologies such as ADSL, SDSL, HDSL, IDSL and VDSL, which is connected to the Internet to offer varying speeds over existing phone lines without using wheel all know very well the implementation of a ADSL modem the most common in India today is asynchronous DSL or ADSL.

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