A Voice Based Web Technology

Seminar on A Voice Based Web Technology : technology access Web-based voice is changing rapidly. Phonet is a solution to these and many other problems facing Internet users. The basic idea is that using a regular phone to surf the Web and the main motivations are: to provide a wide dissemination to create new interactive voice applications, responding to the needs of mobility and s' attacker to issues of inaccessibility. Based on the idea of old IVR systems are used to provide information to the process of pre-programmed marker. Phonetics is a long journey from the IVR, is a more complex technology of the century as speech recognition (SR), Text to Speech (TTS) conversion and artificial intelligence (AI). This allows the user to be connected to the Internet, because it has access to a telephone. Phonet uses conventional HTML content of the website should not be rewritten or redesigned.
We present a detailed analysis of the simplest way possible about how technologies such as SR, TTS and AI are integrated to develop an intelligent platform (phonetic) to provide access to the web, the role involves processing voice files and documents registration. In document processing, two approaches are described, your navigation, and transcoding, focusing primarily on the first one beacause the work is more mature. In providing document presents the main problem is, the relevance of cognitive thought to represent the text and most appropriate solution. Ultimately, we examine the challenges and changes to become more involved in the practical application of the technology proposed by phonetics.

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