Seminar On Nanorobot : As engineers face with primitive technology, medicine catching up with the technology level of the human body before it can be really effective. Since the human body is basically an extremely complex system of interacting molecules (eg, a molecular machine), the technology necessary to truly understand and repair the body is the technology of molecular machines. A natural consequence of this level of technology is the ability to analyze and repair the human body as fully and effectively as we can repair any conventional machine today
Nanotechnology is the "research and technological development at the atomic scale, the length of the molecular and macromolecular scale of about 1 -100 nanometers to provide a fundamental understanding of phenomena and materials at the nanoscale and create and use structures, devices and systems have new properties and functions because of their small size and / or intermediaries. "
This article describes the micro / nano-scale medical robot, which is within current technology. It is intended for the treatment and / or elimination of health problems in which the accumulation of unwanted organic material interferes with normal bodily function.
In this article, we describe the nano-robot that can be created of existing technologies that can be used to find and destroy the tissue damage in the human body can not use any other means.
Construction and operation of these devices would lead to a number of advantages. It not only provides both therapy, or at least a way to control or reduce the effects of a number of disorders, but also provides valuable empirical improvement and further development of these machines. Information obtained from this activity is the microscopic level, allowing you to remove some false trails and pave the way for more effective methods to address problems related to the activities at this level.
We propose the address and input method body, method of transport, means to maintain a fixed position during use, device management, nutrition, means investing in materials must be removed to remove and how to remove Måns the body of the device later.

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